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The story is really about how the family copes with the loss of their 15 year old son and brother. The acting is superb. He couldn't have done a better job.

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I would say that this movie is for kids 13 and up. There is one little tiny extremely short scene showing some surgery that is disturbing, but there is also a lot of talking and emotion and crying, of course. Any kid younger than 13 would not appreciate that. However, older kids will appreciate the amazing acting.

Film Critic. This was an absolutely amazing film. Truly an inspiration. Not to take anything away from any of the other actors in the film but this has to be one of Aidan Quinn's greatest performances. The raw emotion was overpowering while remaining completely inspiring. If you like true stories of how powerful the human spirit can be when faced with adversity then you will love this movie.

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I honestly can't understand how the overall rating of this movie is only 4. This is the kind of movie that makes you want to be a better person in all areas of your life, I'm inspired to be a better father and husband. I have met people like these portrayed in the movie so it's easy for me to believe they exist.

I must say that when renting direct-to-DVD movies, I never do expect anything great this is not to say that I've never been pleasantly surprised by one in the past. I always make sure to watch these sorts of movies with an open mind and lowered standards. Sadly, I wish this movie could meet even my lowest of standards. Firstly, the acting was terrible at best. All actors seemed to have been hired straight out of some sort of cheaply made orange juice commercial.

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The overall stiffness and completely off emotional queues were the only things of this movie ever coming close to making me cry. However, the most blatant offender in this film was Aidan Quinn's pathetically over-acted performance. Secondly, you cannot expect anything even remotely fresh out of this film.

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Nothing original; no artistic value: Classic "Going-through- turmoil-but-in-the-end-we'll-all-be-alright" Hollywood monotony. Thirdly, they slap the "Based on a True Story" sticker to boot. It's basically a way to make you WANT to sort of like the movie, but really it only made me hate it even more. How dare they defile whoever's story this was based off of with this steaming pile of garbage of a "movie". Simply put: This was deplorable. A truly, truly horrendous movie. I rented this out last night with high expectations.

Years ago, there use to be a dramatic Christian TV show called 'Faith for today', having seen it makes me think that these kinds of new movies are a bit of a modern version of that genre, dramatic Christian programming while at the same time, I have to say, it is not 'overtly' Christian in it's message vs. Also in one scene in the Abbate household, I believe one might see a cross on the wall but even that seems a bit unfocused in the background and then, there is a short part in the Church but no "Bible Thumping" by any means.

One should not be expecting a Hollywood production. You have to think outside the box. The movie has a message and in the end is moving and does recount that story well. The football action is fairly well done when it shows games.

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I give it 6 stars as being on the plus side of average. For a "football movie", I'd rate it as about 7 stars actually, interesting when you think of Wake Forest as I do as mainly a basketball power which they are vs. It may not be 'Brian's song' or 'The Knute Rockne story' but it might be slightly reminiscent of the feel of those movies and I would think of it as being more along the lines of 'We are Marshall.

Yeah and parts of it do make me a bit teary eyed. Also, from a sports angle, the parts with South African trainer Steve Uria are good, it makes me think of some of the real exercise parts of the movie 'Hoosiers. Wake Forest is more famous for it's basketball teams, even at the football game, I saw some of the student supporters jumping up and down which is something I tend to see all the time watching basketball games of some Universities like, I've got to say it, Duke University.

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So, in the final analysis, I think there is quite a bit to this movie and it is worth watching. I had wanted to see this movie for a while, as I am a really big Aidan Quinn fan, so I was thrilled when I found a copy today! But my hopes were too high for the level of this movie. The story was solid, the acting was decent, but the script was obviously an afterthought to the football footage. The writers never really introduced the viewers to the Abbatte family what was wrong with the daughter?

With such a good story and a high-caliber cast, this movie could have been a great one, but instead it pretty much just laid down with a whimper. Really a sad treatment of a promising premise. This true to life drama begins in , when Luke Abbate Stefan Guy accepts a ride home from football practice and ends up the victim of his friend's reckless driving. The out of control vehicle spins off a narrow rode at 90 miles an hour.

Devastated parents, Aidan Quinn and Andie MacDowell watch their son die of brain damage in the hospital The Abatte's donate Luke's organs to five people. Big brother Jon Ryan Merriman , a junior at Wake Forest, begins to honor his brother by holding up five fingers before the fourth quarter of each game. When the news spreads, opposing players and fans begin doing the same. Was this the inspiration that guided Wake Forest to win a school record 11 games and a trip to the Orange Bowl? It doesn't take long to realize this was not meant to be an award winner.

Albeit poignant, sad and uplifting. Dialogue not enough to brag about. Musical score at times irritating. Acting is pedestrian and MacDowell, as usual, overacts. This a very good movie for church groups. Inspiration can be found in tragic loss. This is a pretty good Faith-based movie. I'm reading that some people are turned off by Merriman's hair. Well that's because that's how the real player's hair was.

I'm a Wake Forest fan and I watched a lot from that season. They did the best they could wit what they had. Scenes were filmed from campus and the stadium. They did have to do some cosmetics terrible to the stadium because it undergone changes since that season in rename and video screen. The acting isn't too bad, a bit too dramatic at times. Yes, some scenes weren't completely true, but that was the same for the Blindside too. I don't know if any of you noticed but many times they used actual footage from televised games.