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You do not need to cover it up. If anything let it show. Tattoos are a part of the military culture and you will not look trashy or out of place in the slightest. I am so nervous about the ball coming up in novmber. My boyfriend told me not to worry but i am nervous. Is there any tips you could give me???? You are going to have a great time! I would recommend paying close attention during the dinner and to the speaker. The Marine Corps Ball is rich in tradition. It is pretty impressive. Other than that, just be yourself and enjoy! Once you get that information, we can go from there.

Absolutely dance! Dance your hiney off if you want to. Pay close attention during the dinner. I have to attend a ball wid my boyfriend in June AND I am already nervous — what to wear, how to mix in n stuff. Absolutely, you can wear the same dress! I always recycle my dresses. Hey, I am attending an army ball in a week!

Will I be in the receiving line?? Good question. I have not been to an Army Ball.

Specials & Promotions | Bob's BMW Motorcycles

We are in the Navy and I have never been to a ball with a receiving line. When you find out this weekend, will you let me know? For Army functions, the receiving line normally consists of the top commander, Command Sergeant Major, their spouses and any other dignitaries or special guests. I just wanted to thank you so much for writing this article! This is exactly what I needed! Hey Rachel, I am so glad we could help put your nerves at ease.

Now, I am dying to know, how was it? Hello Savannah, I think the dress is adorable especially since you are so young :. I would ask your date how formal his particular ball is. I hope this helps! Have fun at the ball, Danya. Sorry, I put my comment on the main list, not as a reply!! I think it looks cute!

But there are some down sides. Whenever a girl wears a dress too short at my military ball all the girls tend to ostracize her or look down at her the entire night. I would personally find a different dress, look at local consignment shops, I found mine at a mission outreach shop, and last year mine was from a consignment shop. Also ask around for dresses, for other female cadets in my battalion I had them use my friends junior prom dress, and another used a bridesmaid dress from my other friend.

There are a lot of other options! Hello Emily, I hope you found a fabulous dress and had a great time at the ball! Hey Melissa, Hmm, you may have me stumped.

Usmc grad store coupon code

I am MUCH older than you and have three boys. What I can be sure of, is that you do NOT want your dress to be too short. She was the talk of the night and not in a good way. Let me know what you think. Happy Holidays! Can you provide some insight on what to wear and how to present yourself for a same-sex male couple?

What type of function are you attending?

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If it is a formal function, I would say a tuxedo is in order. Let me know what event you are attending and I will dig a little deeper.

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I am attending my first army ball with my husband this year and I was curious if either of these dresses would be appropriate. I am 18 and not sure what I need to wear. They are both beautiful and completely appropriate! Keep us posted on what your choose and have a fabulous time at the ball! This is the other one I am debating. This sight has been VERY helpful, but nothing has been said about what type of jewelry is appropriate. My other question is hairstyles.. There is some pretty awesome fake stuff out there. No one would even know the difference.

As for your hair, that is totally up to you. I usually go get my hair put up, but only because it is fun to do. We have an Aveda Institute where I live. This place is fabulous. They have a military discount too! Hi, This is my first formal military anything. So, my main question would be, are there styles that I should avoid?

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First of all, I love that you recognize that the formal event you are about to attend is about the service member not the guests. You are wise beyond your years :. Now as for your attire. The only dress that you could order that would be inappropriate would be one that is too revealing or too short. It sounds like your prom dress would be a very acceptable back up. I am all about recycling formal dresses. I think a long gown vs a cocktail length dress would make you look a bit older.

Feel free to send links to the dresses you are thinking of ordering. I am happy to take a peak. Thank you so much for getting back to me! I LOVE that gold dress. You will look beautiful in it! Your prom dress is perfectly pretty and appropriate as well. Wear your hair however you feel best. Up, down, half up, half down all are totally acceptable!

I have no idea what to wear! And I have lip piercings and a nose stud. Would I have to take them out?


I hope you had a fabulous time at the ball! You did not have to take any of your piercings out.

see You are who you are and YOU are not in the service. He is army ROTC. But because he is ROTC and not actual army yet will it be different? Or what should I expect?