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Because the gas piston technology provides more consistent levels of energy and less vibrations.

Pest Control Air Rifles And Combos

This goes hand in hand with the extraordinary design of the AR8 which has been modeled on the extremely successful hunting rifle Blaser R8. Taking the Blaser R8 as the inspiration when developing the stock for the air rifle, the designers at DIANA went for a two-sided option.

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As a result both, left- as well as right-handed shooter can expect an optimal adjusted stock for their needs. The ergonomic perfection of the stock gives the shooter the decisive advantage for a higher accuracy in every aiming position. In each situation the hand and the arm are completely relaxed. An additional eye-catcher is the sight of the AR8 based on original Blaser R8.

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  • Fitted with a wheel, the sight can be reliably adjusted whenever needed. Given the unique combination of its features, the AR8 recommends itself for all hunters and shooters alike. GUN-LOK is a security device that effectively addresses the above risks by internally locking the breech of a 12G shotgun therefore preventing the insertion of an ammunition round.

    Air Rifle Package Deals – Redbeck Shooting Supplies

    In addition, due to its low profile, GUN-LOK allows shotguns and separate barrels to be normally stored and transported. GUN-LOK is simply inserted into the shotgun breech in the same way as a cartridge and with a few key turns of the integral multi-pin lock, the shotgun breech is effectively inaccessible. Any determined attempt to remove GUN-LOK by force, including attempts to remove by drilling, will result in progressively tighter locking and possible permanent blocking of the shotgun breech.

    Once outside the protection of the home, a shotgun is more vulnerable to opportunistic, accidental or unlawful acquisition. Transit to and from clubs, shows or organised shoots, carries many vulnerability risks. Also, gun-dealers, demonstrators and retailers regularly attend shows and exhibitions - necessarily involving the transport and display of multiple and minimally secured weapons.


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    The Latest in Affordable shotguns. Catma Arms- Quality. The high velocity and better penetration also makes the more capable when despatching tougher critters such as squirrels.


    The key factor when it comes to sub 12 ftlbs air rifles is pellet placement. Accuracy is everything and a flatter shooting gun is invariably more accurate, especially in the hands of the less experienced.

    Home Guns Air rifles. PCP air rifles are relatively cheap, easy to shoot and given a decent backstop you can even practise in the back garden.