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Their beautiful pink and red colors are due to lycopene, which is a potent antioxidant that protects cells from the free radical damage that causes premature aging and degenerative diseases. It also has anti-tumor properties. Another study that was published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry revealed that these citrus fruits can assist the body in repairing damaged DNA and thus protect men from prostate cancer. Grapefruit are not good for all men, since they can interact with some of the medications prescribed for them and cause undesirable side effects.

This is due to the fact that they contain chemicals known as furanocoumarins, which bind to enzymes in the digestive tract. This leads to blood levels of some medications rising at a higher than normal rate and causing the unwanted effects.

Harvard Medical School reports that sildenafil Viagra is one medication that is affected by drinking grapefruit juice. Blood levels of this drug, which is prescribed for men with erectile dysfunction, increase after consuming grapefruit and this can lead to adverse effects like headaches and low blood pressure.

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Cut in small chunks, just enough to flavor. Coconut: Shredded, just a small amount.

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Preparation: Combine oranges, pineapple and cherries — chill it should be juicy. About 1 hour before serving, mix in coconut.

Grapefruit and iud

For a festive look sprinkle more coconut on top and a few cherries for decoration. Always best when served fresh. All of our fruit is guaranteed to arrive fresh and in good condition when we are furnished with a correct and complete delivery address. Any damaged or spoiled fruit will be replaced or, if you prefer, if less than 12 pieces are damaged, a credit coupon is issued for use on your next order. The credit coupon can be issued to the sender or the recipient and may also be used in Mixon's Bradenton Florida Store.

They are usually small to medium in size so they fit typical juicers and feel heavy with juice. Each variety has its own unique characteristics in color, juice content, flavor, seediness and ease of peeling. Keep them off the floor to help keep the air moving around the fruit.

Welcome to Marketview Liquor – Your Source for Buying Wine Online

The skin is sensitive to cold and blemishes appear but it does not affect the fruit inside. Citrus keeps longer if refrigerated. The segments of Red are more pinkish to reddish in color, while the Pink is light to nearly white in color. By definition Seedless fruit may contain a few small seeds.

They are light orange in color, easy to peel and section, sweet and juicy. Orlandos have seeds and are only available in December. They are medium in size, easy to peel and section, with a deep orange color. Murcotts contain seeds. Available Late Jan through mid-March. They are medium to large in size, deep orange and slightly pear shaped.

They are very juicy and have a unique flavor. Minneolas contain seeds. Available Jan to Mid-March.

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Limited availability in February. Any orange is delicious in salads but the seedless varieties are easiest to work with. Is there a difference at all?

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A navel orange from Florida has to be the same as a navel from California. The days are hot and sunny, and the nights are dry and cool. This weather is ideal for raising oranges with thick, beautiful peels. The dry air keeps superficial blemishes from forming on the peels, making them attractive to supermarket shoppers. Having a thicker peel also aids in keeping them fresh for extended periods. They are ideal for brick and mortar stores, because they last much longer on store shelves. As a result, these oranges are much juicier and sweeter. The peels are usually thinner, and the oranges are easier to eat out of hand.

This makes whole Florida oranges ideal for direct shipping rather than supermarket sales. Florida oranges typically last weeks when refrigerated. If your order has not been packed or shipped, we will be happy to cancel it. To cancel, please contact our customer service department immediately at We do not sell or distribute any information about you to anyone.

Changes may be requested by contacting our customer service team at or by email at info mixon. We cannot make changes after the order is packed or shipped. We do not allow substitutions on our shipped Specialty Gift Boxes or Baskets but you can choose items from our add-in list to create something unique. Any Mixon label products may be ordered and shipped separately.

The majority of our fruit is picked fresh from our groves daily. To maintain our fruit supply we may supplement as required from other quality Florida growers. Our Produce selection, such as Georgia Peaches, is grown and shipped by other family owned farms chosen for their quality products. We do not allow substitutions in our Specialty Gift Boxes, but any Mixon label products may be ordered and shipped separately.

The peel of Florida oranges range in color from orange, or yellow-orange, to greenish yellow. The bright orange color so frequently associated with maturity, actually results from cooler night temperatures. Color is not an indication of ripeness. Florida oranges have thinner skins and may be yellow-green in color, but are sweet and juicy.

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  • They can actually turn orange and then back to green depending on temperatures. Ripe, juicy oranges feel firm and heavy, with skin texture ranging from smooth to pebbly. We do not ship our ice cream. Shipping costs are about 4 times the cost of the product since it would require special handling permits, Dry Ice and Expedited Shipping.

    We only ship juice Monday-Wednesday to assure delivery within the days. We freeze fresh juice the same day it is squeezed and keep frozen until shipped so that it will have a 2 week refrigerated shelf life once it is thawed. We ship in our regular half gallon containers that are about ounces short filled to allow for expansion without spill over during the freezing process.

    Some thawing may happen in the shipping process but can be re-frozen. Only thaw the juice as you can use it within 2 weeks. Thawing instructions are included with shipment. Rapid thawing can be done with microwave in short 30 seconds or less intervals shaking content in between to prevent over-heating juice. Kumquats are too fragile and perishable to be shipped, but are available in our store when they are in season, usually mid Dec - mid Jan.

    We offer a variety of different packs with different standard content. We cannot substitute. Use the search function on the web page for the specific variety you desire to show all packages containing that variety. For this reason we must reserve the right to choose only the freshest variety available at the time your order is packed. We want to make sure your fruit arrives fresh and delicious. Our catalog prices include shipping to most of the USA. Due to carrier surcharges and fuel price fluctuations, there is an additional Carrier Surcharge.

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    Call Local for further information. No, we ship a large size fruit specific to each variety. We do offer some specialty packs with larger or smaller sizes for some varieties. Most fruit is packed in trays with foam that has a specific number of cells for each fruit to provide extra protection for each piece of fruit. Shipments can have trays per package. Always check with your airlines before purchase.

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    • We can pack fruit in our standard shipping boxes for travel. We offer a broad selection of fruit in our Gift Fruit Shipping department, let us do the shipping for you. You may arrange to have fruit shipped directly to your home or to friends and family. We stop shipping citrus in mid April. Our retail Gift Shoppe is open for gift purchases year round, except for the last week of August and first two weeks of September, when we close for inventory.

      Please call Local for questions. Yes, we have many special celebration days throughout the season. Please call Local for more specific information.

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      We list them all on our website under the Calendar of Events. We use a blend of in season varieties, selected for best taste, to make our juice. Because each variety has its own flavor and color, fresh juice taste and color will reflect those seasonal distinctions. No, picking citrus requires climbing ladders and wearing protective clothing as the trees have thorns. There are fire ants and bees also. We do not allow anyone to walk in our grove unless accompanied by one of our employees.